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Check Out This List of Unusual Things to Do in Naples, Italy for an Unforgettable Travel Experience Naples Travel Agency

trendy and chilled wine in cool months of year. Enoteca Dai Tosi, a winery located inside the cave. Just three hours from Naples, it's well worth the trip to sit inside these beautifully sculpted postmodern areas and sip the best products from central Italy. Enoteca dai Tosi opened its stylish doors in the year the year 2017. They're currently not accessible to guests due to the epidemic. The restaurant plans to reopen soon. Hunt for Naples' Best Pizza

They are scattered around the Centro Storico area of the city's historic centre of Naples The numerous pizzerias that are located in Naples represent a treasure of the world. Pizza Napoletana is believed to begin in 1865 and was a way of celebration of unification. The colours used in the pizza, red tomatoes as well as white mozzarella de bufala as well as green basil, came in the tricolor of the United Kingdom. Even though this tale may be a bit exaggerated for the sake of the story, Neapolitan Pizza is an important ancestor to America's most popular pizza.

Pizza is a must for everyone, and Neapolitan pizzas with their blistered crust and cheese discs cooked in a tin oven for only 90 seconds at an eye-watering 800 degrees It's an experience you must try if you're living in Naples. Gino e Toto Sorbillo, L'Antica Pizzeria de Michele, and Starita are just three of the top restaurants. You will find pizza at its purest when you travel. You'll be grateful for it.

Fontanelle Cemetery is a must-see. Fontanelle Cemetery is a must-see

Fontanelle Cemetery was established in 1500. It was an ossuary and charnelhouse in Materdei. The time the Spanish came to town it was not long before there were questions of what to do with the deceased as the cemeteries were overflowing and the custom of interring one's body in the churches simply begged more questions about the best way to make space for churches that already were bursting with deceased. Fontanelle Cemetery is where the bones of the dead were put to rest.