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Home Design Trends That Are Over Shopping Magazine

Screens to divide different rooms of your home while still maintaining an open feel.

If you've got your sights for an open-plan floor plan, seek the help of a general contractor to help with the demolition phase of your renovation. If executed correctly open floor plans could make a stunning addition to lofts and different homes.

The Furniture Matching

It seems that the trend for matching furnishings has passed. The combination of furniture makes your home appear unimaginative and too perfect. Mixing different furniture colors and patterns can help create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. Pick accessories that pop from other furniture pieces and give the room a sense of depth. Your home will look warmer with different materials and designs.

Kitchen Backsplashes

The kitchen backsplash is one of the home design trends that have come to an end. Backsplashes used to be a common alternative for designing homes. They had intricate patterns and vibrant colors, but they are becoming more simplistic alternatives such as black granite countertops and white subway tiles.

Modern kitchen backsplashes bring a sense of class to your kitchen while being much more useful. They can help make your kitchen appear more spacious and attractive and also shield it from spills. If you're looking for something even simple, think about an accent wall made of stainless steel for a clean contemporary design.

Wooden Staircases

Although wooden stairs were once an indication of luxury and class They have now become a popular home design trend. It can be expensive for maintenance and hard to wash.

Look into modern alternatives like concrete treads and metal railings as well as metal staircases. These options are easier to maintain and last longer than wooden stairs, while still bringing a classic look for your home. If you'd like something more mod