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If you're interested in becoming an aspiring physician, you'll require the medical license in the field you're interested in along with your four-year bachelor's degree. Students interested in entering the medical field may also be eligible for student loan repayment. It's part of the FELS (Forgivable Education Loans for Service) Program where students can be eligible to have a percentage or all their loans for student debt repaid by working in an eligible field within North Carolina. Many health, allied, as well as nursing programs are examples of FELS-eligible professions. Be sure to find out if the program meets the criteria for the forgiveness of student loan. 11. Data Analysts If there's one area which has seen a significant increase in the past 10 years and that's data analytics. Big data isn't just a buzzword, it's expanding and has many lucrative career opportunities for students. Indeed, there is a strong forecast of career opportunities in computer and information research scientist (which also includes data analysts) fields. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, forecast growth for positions in this field is 16 percent . This is more than three times more than the typical national employment rate that is 5 percent. Combine this with a median industry pay over $118,000 and you're looking at an opportunity to make serious money. Of course, it's also strongly recommended.