Number Issue 97 Call for Writers: Relics

by - November 07, 2018

Call for writers!
Number Issue 97: Relics

Number is seeking content for our 97th issue and for website publication (pay is equal between formats). Your pitch must be at least 3-4 sentences describing content, venue, location, artist names, etc. Please also include what form your contribution would take: essay, exhibition review, interview, feature article, regional update, nontraditional, and so on. Reviews and updates do not need to follow issue #97's thematic path. Below are full details about the call. We look forward to hearing your ideas.
Please forward this call on to other writers.

Kris Bespalec-Davis, Artist and Educator, is Guest Editor for issue 97, Relics

Call for Proposals:
Objects and images, preserved in archives, or immaterial and memorialized in the annals of memory. These are Relics. They are evocative, even provocative, and persevere through miraculous belief the traces of other cultures or markers of one’s own identity. They channel people, places, events, and ideas from the recent and distant past. They can be incredibly specific, affecting individuals or transcending culture and class, impacting communities both local and global. Charged by collective belief systems or personal significance, these items are honored through display and safe-keeping. In reliquaries, places of worship, and museum vitrines, or locked away in vaults, sock-drawers-- their presence embodied in ritual and custom.

Issue 97 invites proposals from artists and writers that investigate Relics; that consider traditions of making and preserving as well as the long-term significance of relics as they transform the personal, social, cultural and political.

November 26 for sending pitches to : 
and cc
If your pitch is accepted, completed 1st draft, accompanying images, and info are due by January 11th, submitted through this Submittable link. Editors will work with each writer to perfect text and accompanying images/info, with final writer-approval coming by January 30th.
More details:

Payment scale for print and web:Regional Update (500 words)— $50
Review (700-1000 words)—$75
Interview (1000-1500 words)—$100
Feature Article (1000-1500 words)—$100

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