Number Magazine Issue 96 Call for Writers: Dependency

by - August 28, 2018

Number is seeking content for our 96th issue and for website publication. Your pitch must be at least 3-4 sentences describing content, venue, location, artist names, etc. Please also include what form your contribution would take: essay, exhibition review, interview, feature article, regional update, nontraditional, and so on. Reviews and updates do not need to follow issue #96's thematic path. Below are full details about the call. We look forward to hearing your ideas. 
Please forward this call on to other writers.

Laura Denzer is an artist and educator based in Gainesville, Florida and is the guest editor for issue 96, Dependency

Call for PitchesHumans live within and through structures of dependency. From atoms to biospheres, animals to industries, dependent relationships experience both continuity and change. Dependency on parents or other primary caretakers eventually ends (or it doesn’t), so new people must be found; friends, enemies, or new pursuits fill the void, or institutions now offer a different kind of safety. We may assume a position as guardian of another being, facility, or tradition, on which we may, in turn, come to depend on. Addiction to substances or habits may consume our lives or simply make days tolerable. A medical dependency may keep us above ground a while longer. Choices you make, as well as others’ choices, will direct relations of power and control, determining what we hang on to, and what hangs onto us. Dependency is a mode of relation, both good, bad, and neither. A state of dependency may be beneficial or damaging, imperative, unnecessary, or parasitic, for the individual, or collective. Symbiosis happens. Assessing the state of things may not be clear-cut. Dependent relations may be multivalent and fluctuate, evolve, or reproduce over time. Specific states of dependency may be probed intuitively and analytically, helping to reveal who and where we are, how things work, and maybe something about the nature of dependency itself. 


September 10thEmail pitches to and cc 
September 26th If accepted, finished text, images, and info should be submitted through Submittable 

Issue: No.96/ Dependency

Guest Editor: Laura Denzer artist website

More details:

Payment scale for print and web:

Regional Update (500 words)— $50 
Review (700-1000 words)—$75 
Interview (1000-1500 words)—$100 
Feature Article (1000-1500 words)—$100 

Thank you and we look forward to receiving your proposals.

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