Consuming Passions II: A Collection of Collections

by - August 19, 2018

Consuming Passions II, A Collection of Collections
August 20 - October 6
Opening reception August 19, 3-6pm

Consuming Passions II is a collection of collections. In 1993, AMUM staged its first Consuming Passions exhibition which featured comic books, outsider art, television-themed board games, home-crafted textiles, snow-shakers, and many other local and regional collections. This sequel on the twenty-fifth anniversary of that earlier exhibition will revisit the theme of collectors and collecting. Drawn from the varied pursuits of both hobbyists and citizen-scholars, Consuming Passions II will showcase sports paraphernalia, Japanese prints, automobile art, posters and material culture from World War I and World War II, and provocative assemblies of pop-culture related artifacts.

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