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by - July 10, 2018

New startup Wonder / Cowork / Create is raising funds via a public event and crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe to furnish Memphis’ first creative coworking hub that will open in the Edge District this Fall.

Wonder / Cowork / Create’s (Wonder CC) “Wonder Funder” will include a public event at Wonder CC’s future home at 340B Monroe Avenue on Saturday, July 28th from 6-10pm featuring live musical performances alongside a online crowdfunding campaign to raise $7,000. Fundraising efforts will run for a month and go towards acquiring seating, a keyless entry system, lighting, and basic office amenities such as whiteboards, projectors, and a photocopier.

Wonder CC will initially open this fall as a two-year pilot project to evaluate Memphis’ readiness for a full-service creative coworking facility that offers artist-run experimental programming and a flexible cowork space to foster a community of creative freelancers, organizations, and small businesses.

We want to create a sector specific cowork space that focuses on Memphis creative professionals who are ready to champion a collaborative atmosphere. A space that builds bridges, not silos, with a focus on programming for and by creatives. We want to build a community who is willing to wonder, never goes it alone, and services the community.      - Wonder CC Founders
Wonder CC will feature an open-plan cowork space with multi-purpose modular elements for events & art exhibitions, private office spaces, storage lockers, and a meeting room. Affordable membership options will be available for creative professionals & organizations ranging from daily drop-ins to monthly use. Facilities are available on a regular basis with free Wi-Fi, choice of various sized worktables/desks, lockable storage, free coffee/tea with kitchenette access and limited meeting room access. Members and outside organizations may propose workshops, exhibitions, and other events that align with Wonder CC’s mission.

Wonder CC intro trailer:

Wonder Funder: Sneak Peek event link:

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Wonder / Cowork / Create is a for-creatives, by-creatives co-working hub in Memphis, TN. Wonder CC provides service-based programming and a collaborative atmosphere where artists, creative freelancers & organizations can cross-pollinate and develop innovative projects. Founders Eric Clausen, Cat Peña and Nick Peña are local artists and with a wealth of knowledge focusing on art education, public art, project management, and collaborative practices.

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