Presence Residency Exhibition

The Collective Presents: Presence Residency Exhibition
Saturday, May 12, 5-7pm
Orange Mound Gallery
2232 Lamar Avenue

Join us for the Opening Reception of Presence Residency Exhibition: The existentialism of the Black identity within America across race, gender, sexuality. 

The exhibition will feature work from the CLTV's resident artists, including Rahn Marion, Catherine Elizabeth, Quinn, Bria Brown with featured works from Rudy King and Kenneth Alexander. 

Performances by Jasmine Settles, Tonious Smith, De-Mi Ellington, and Ashley Bend

All of the contributors to Presence will express their unique experiences through visual art, written word and film. These works demonstrate Presence. Presence is the embodiment of our journey to self-acceptance and strength and a demonstration of the continued perseverance of the Black community.


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