by - April 10, 2018

Basin Triptych, hand-cut paper, 39"x 19", 2018

Work by Katie Maish
April 14 - June 23

Artist Statement:
This body of work is an intersection between feminine identity, women's work and the space it is asked not to consume. In the tradition of masculine land art, these maps manifest as terrain suggesting weight and permanence, but the ephemeral media used in the work contradict form with delicacy and an intentional lightness. In some pieces, historical maps collide with domestic patterns found in the home. In others, I have written passages from cherished books and tucked them deep within three-dimensional landforms that build themselves from the shape of the words. The basins echo bowls used for washing, and the gold-and-white palette is reminiscent of the china my grandmother used to serve dinner on special occasions. These maps represent ideas and a way of living that should take up space and should get in the way.

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