Four Knowledge II

by - August 14, 2017

Four Knowledge II will open at Crosstown on Friday, September 8, and bring together the talents of Beth Winterburn, Kat Gore,  Janet Smith, and Lisa Williamson.

Winterburn, granddaughter of famed Delta photographer  Harris Barnes, holds a Bachelor of Artsin Fine Arts  from the University of Tennessee.  Her work in bold, gestural brush strokes and minimalist detail has built a strong following. Very mathematical in approach , her work is an exploration in control

Kat Gore is a graduate of Memphis College of Art with years of experience working in the interior design industry while creating her unique approach to mixed media painting. She has had many shows and continues to find fresh inspiration.

Lisa Smith Williamson holds and BFA and MFA from Memphis College of Art and is in the Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts.  When not painting or studying, she is working to create The Junkyard Memphis interactive art museum.

Janet Stuart Smith’s notable work has included scenes of Paris, Venice,  downtown Memphis, and her family’s beloved Justine’s.  Ever nimble her recent work is lighter, florals or abstracts in watercolor. Her work is widely collected in homes and businesses.

“The combination of different styles and personalities of work gives the show a pleasing ensemble effect; any one of the artists could easily carry a solo show but the four together have synergy,” said curator Ken Hall.

 The pop up show will be on view Friday from 6-8 pm and again on Saturday from 10 am – noon.  For more information see or call 334-6790.

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