by - July 04, 2017

Work by Gwendolyn Barnes Constantine
July 14, 5-9pm
Master Design Salon
5149 Wheelis Drive

Gwendolyn Barnes Constantine’s new art show Transcendence  will  open July 14th from 5 pm -9 pm at Master Design Salon.

Set to graduate in August from University of Memphis, Barnes is already a veteran of art openings, having had solo shows and participated in groups show for the past five years. Her new body of work is inspired by the recovery of a friend horribly injured in an attack and the insights gained during this emotional ordeal.  Each piece in Transcendence is equipped with an intensely physical application of vibrant oil paint to fully immerse the viewer in the tangible magnitude of the experience.

“Over time my work has transformed from jarring nudes to rigorously painted, spiritually charged depictions of miracles. Every painting is a representation of a visceral chapter that is derived from an unashamed, modern, spiritual narrative,” said Barnes.

“Gwen is on the canvas. Her heart and soul are right there. And this is true in the work I saw five years ago which is very different than the work I see today.  Whatever the subject matter, it is always powerful,” said arts promoter Ken Hall.

Master Design is located at 5149 Wheelis Drive. For more information contact Barnes at

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