Leslie Barron "Portraits, Part III" "One Person's Trash..."

by - April 05, 2017

Leslie Barron
Portraits, Part III
One Person's Trash...
Reception Friday, April 7, 6-8pm
L Ross Gallery
Work on display April 5-29

I am very blessed that my passion and retreat from chaos in the world, is also my profession. When I'm working, I am at my most true, most centered self. It is very peaceful to be able to entertain my own thoughts and ideas for hours on end. Creating a painting is great fun, but can also be very challenging. I always enjoy the puzzle, working it out, changing my mind, bound by nothing...
I rarely stick to my original plan and I am often surprised by the end result. There is no greater satisfaction than stepping away and being content with what I see. The process is what drives me to make art. Having others decide that it is worthy of hanging in their personal spaces, is a big cherry on top! It is truly the highest compliment and eternally thrilling.

This show is a combination of two series. "Lady Portraits" is a continuation of a long running series that I have been developing for several years. Over time, the work has become less folky, more elaborate, but still whimsical. I love to play with the human form interacting with nature. These pieces are definitely a tribute to the beauty and wonder of natural elements. The abstract series, "One Man's Trash..." is a group of structural collages. I love to incorporate old, vintage papers and items into the abstracts. I am constantly collecting old books, maps, dress patterns, newspapers, etc...I think there is a certain interest and mystery in using old materials that have been handled, passed around, written on and aged over the years or decades. As much as I love to paint the portraits, I also have a strong desire to play with materials, shapes and colors and create the abstracts. Both series have strong color pallets and are created with many different materials. Both are equally important to satisfy my creative impulses and desires.

As I look at this show after completion, it strikes me that I am nurturing a feminine side and masculine side. My hope is that viewers can look at a unified collection and see creative, interesting work.

- Leslie Barron


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