Women's March Sign Exhibition - Call for Protest Signs

by - January 25, 2017

From Dwayne Butcher:
Hello everyone, I am in the process of putting together an exhibition at Marshall Arts of the protest signs from the recent Women's March. Who would like to participate? Who made signs? How many do you have? How do you know that has signs that would be willing to show them? Want to make new signs for this event, great!
At the opening I would like to have a station to create postcards to write our representatives. Who is with me?
As of now, the opening will be Friday, February 3rd. Quick turnaround. Let's do it.
I have made this post public. Share, please.
Reach out to me, dwaynebutcher@gmail.com, if you want to help out in anyway, or if you have any questions.
Let's keep the momentum going, everyday, forever.

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