The Moonpie Project presents: Brandon Marshall

by - January 25, 2017

The Moonpie Project presents: Brandon Marshall
5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Crosstown Alley, 430 N. Cleveland

A new mural by Brandon Marshall memorializing artist Ronnie “BETOR” Bobal
Free food + drinks
The Moonpie Project is an ongoing, rotating mural series curated by Michael Roy in memory of muralist Brad Wells. Organized in collaboration with Crosstown Arts.

About Brandon Marshall:
Brandon Marshall is a visual artist specializing in mural-making and public art with a strong focus on community engagement and mobilization. Marshall’s current professional endeavors stem from an extensive background in the hip-hop community as a graffiti artist, B-Boy, promoter, and educator. Marshall is the founder and lead organizer of the “Soul Food” graffiti art festival and curates other rotating walls in Memphis. He has secured wall space and painted at mural festivals from Denver to Melbourne and constantly strives for excellence within each of his artistic practices.

About  Ronnie “BETOR” Bobal:
Ronnie “BETOR” Bobal was among the first generation of graffiti artists born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. Bobal was considered a pioneer of style and was respected nationwide among graffiti writers for his unique abstract lettering styles. In his pieces, the viewer will note the thoughtful construction of his alphabet through the use of ribbon-like textures, which are contrasted by hard-nosed, slab-serif bars. BETOR proudly represented the U.H. Crew locally, and the prestigious, Los Angeles-based I.C.R. Crew. Although considered by many to be royalty within the subculture, he simultaneously held a reputation for his laidback demeanor and notorious humility. His legacy as a dedicated and prolific master of the craft lives on through his crew mat
es and friends and by the artwork he has left behind throughout the country.

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