Holiday Weaving Workshops at AMUM

by - December 15, 2016

Holiday Weaving Workshops at Art Museum of the University of Memphis
December 16th, noon to 4pm
December 22nd, noon to 4pm

As an exclusive tie-in to "This May Surprise You" AMUM is hosting two weaving workshop demos featuring Angela Schneider!

Angela Schneider is a contemporary textile artist in Memphis, Tennessee. She blends technical influences into her creative work, using weaving as a canvas for exploring codes and patterns.

Angela has a BS in Engineering from Christian Brothers College, an MS in Mathematics with a concentration in Computer Science from the University of Memphis and an MFA in Computer Art from Memphis College of Art. She has earned a Master Spinner certificate from Olds College in Alberta, Canada. She has worked with textiles since childhood and started weaving on a multi-shaft loom in 2004.

Angela is primarily a weaver, but also a spinner, knitter and enthusiast for all textile structures from the common to the esoteric. Angela often uses math and language as a design source, encoding a story into an original textile.

Angela teaches fiber arts in Memphis and at festivals and schools in the surrounding region. She is a board member of the Memphis Guild of Handloom Weavers, Southeast Fiber Forum Association, Complex Weavers and Memphis Contra Dancers.

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