Inside Outsiders

by - July 18, 2016

A collaborative exhibition sharing studio work by Paint Memphis mural artists
“Graffiti and murals have gone through an evolution and will only continue to evolve. The ins and outs of bold face lettering, outlining of text and images, and unusual use of paint has changed the way in which we view spaces and walls. They have become way-findings and geographical markers for communities and these artistic narratives and colorful writings on walls mark the spaces and communities we inhabit. Muralists and graffiti writers are often the first to recognize the potential in abandoned spaces and the first to act on the transformation of those spaces. We often celebrate these markers by taking photos, writing blogs, sharing on social media, and the favorite, posing in front of the painted artworks for the perfect memory. Paint Memphis strives to showcase the talent of these artists who use our walls to tell their stories. This is Inside Outsiders.”
Presented by Paint Memphis
in collaboration with Crosstown Arts

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