Kit Reuther: Trending Geometric

by - February 26, 2016

8 March - 9 April 2016
OPENING: Friday 11 March6-8pm
For David Lusk Gallery's first opening in the newly remodeled space on Tillman the Gallery hosts an exhibition of new paintings and sculpture by Nashville artist Kit Reuther.
Reuther's abstract paintings and organic sculptures are constantly evolving. Her work is largely driven by intuition, challenging her to think differently about mark making and object placement, "I try to avoid making art with an intended outcome or message for the viewer. My only real intention is to make work that pushes and challenges me and feels slightly odd and fresh to my eyes..."
Her title Trending Geometric speaks to her recent shift towards a more orderly aesthetic. This shift is particularly evident in her sculptural work. Ruther's recent switch from wood to powder-coated metal has given her sculptures a more polished look, leaving behind the heavily manipulated wood we have seen in the past. Her forms take on a playful appearance, more suggestive of hard-edged toys than organic figures.
Reuther's color palatte embraces a more minimalist approach as well. Her paintings emit increasingly subtle shifts of subdued hues, while her sculptures remain void of color, purely white. Understanding color to be a representation of noise and temperature, Reuther prefers to keep things quite, subtle, and restrained. Thus allowing her work to become a calming relief from the visual clutter of our daily lives.
To the untrained eye Reuther's paintings may appear primitive, conjuring Mark Rothko and CY Twombly. Foggy surfaces house muted scribbles, lines, and shapes, perhaps the beginnings of a thought or idea. Over time Reuther's style has shifted from objective to non-objective representation, however traces of figuration remain. Her visual thinking changed when she began, "transitioning away from seeing 'things' to seeing 'ideas about things'...or landscapes or shapes."
A Nashville native, Reuther began her art career in the 1990's. Recognized as a mainstay of the Nashville art community, Reuther has exhibited nationally and internationally. Her work in collections includes; Music City Center, Tennessee State Museum, National Endowment of the Arts, Tennessee 2000 Collection, and Dollar General Collection.
David Lusk Gallery is located at 97 Tillman. Gallery hours are Tuesday-Friday 10-5:30 andSaturday 11-4. For more information or visuals please contact Amelia Briggs at 901 767 3800 or

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