Kevin Ford: A Piece is Loose

by - February 26, 2016

Kevin Ford

A Piece is Loose

Opening Saturday, February 27th, 6-8pm

Tops Gallery
400 South Front Street
Memphis, TN 38104

February 27th - April 9th

"...Take a brush and some paints and make someone's nose out of it, it's kind of absurd, but not doing it is just as absurd." -Willem De Kooning, Painters Painting 

Tops Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of paintings by Kevin Ford. 

In a moment of image onslaught, Ford turns to close observation. The chosen objects are comical and overlooked, masses of form and flatness. He explores the act of intense looking using a combination of delicate brushwork and loose airbrushing. Objects hover in and out of focus, capturing how our eyes hold onto things, release them, and then return to them once again. After a 15-year journey away from the medium through a detour into sculpture and kinetic works, A Piece is Loose, marks a return to Kevin Ford's first love, painting.

Quotidian objects such as his wife's shoes, snacks, kitchen sponges, and studio ephemera are simultaneously banal and exalted. Ford's use of cartoons, Spanish still life's, symbolism, and abstraction bring a sense of historic urgency to the overlooked, everyday sublime. The figures are tactile, fleshy and abject. A foot might just be a foot, but it is also a monument, a pyramid, or a table leg with toes. With A Piece is Loose, Ford seeks an efficient clarity with his flat-footed approach to his subject and use of the formal means of painting.

Kevin Ford (b. 1975, Stamford, Conn.) lives and works in Norwalk, Connecticut. He received his BFA from Boston University and his MFA from Yale University. His work has been included in a solo exhibition at MARCH Gallery in New York and group exhibitions at Casey Kaplan, New York, Allen Gallery, New York, Islip Art Museum , New York, and Tops Gallery, Memphis. His work has been reviewed in the New York Times, featured in V Magazine, and in the book Artists II, published by Steidl.

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