Inches from the Earth

by - February 26, 2016

The Metal Museum is excited to announce Inches from the Earth, a group exhibition featuring work centered around a theme of intimacy and preciousness of plant and insect life. 

Inches from the Earth will open on March 20, 2016 in the Museum’s Gasparrini Galleries. On April 24, 2016 from 12pm­-1pm the Museum will host a Brunch and Learn with artists in the exhibition for members only followed by a Gallery Talk at 2:30pm­-3pm that is open to the public. The Exhibition Reception will also take place on April 24, from 3pm­-5pm. 

A large group show, Inches from the Earth explores works by contemporary metalsmiths that are inspired by the intimacy and preciousness of plant and insect life. From jewelry to sculpture, these artworks remind the viewer of their place within the natural world. For many artists, time spent in nature is rejuvenating and enlightening. Nature serves as a spiritual and intellectual Indian Pipes, Elizabeth Brim Breezes Belles, Heather Bayless resource. Motivated by curiosity to observe and collect elements of nature, the artists in this exhibition appreciate the complexities of the textures, colors and forms found in plants and insects. Some artists marvel at the mystery and random chaos of nature while others find intentionality in the mathematics and science of these smallest living forms. The artwork in this exhibition is a fusion of science and artistic imagination. 

The Metal Museum will host a series of exhibition related workshops that educate participants on certain Ladybug, Elizabeth Goluch metalsmithing techniques used by the artists in Inches from the Earth. On April 30, 2016 from 1pm-­5pm the Museum Foundry will host a workshop titled Nature Inspired Wall Plaques followed by a Spiders & Bugs class in the Museum’s Smithy on May 1, 2016 from 10am­-5pm. Lastly, one of the featured artists in the exhibition, Stephanie Polk, will lead a workshop on May 21­22, 2016 from 9am-­5pm titled Consider Yourself Royalty: Create a Tiara or Crown. Artists represented in the exhibition include: Leah Aripotch, Heather Bayless, Elizabeth Brim, Peggy Eng, Emily Eversgerd, Elizabeth Goluch, Margaret Goodman, Sherri Jaudes, Micki Lippe, Agnes Ma, Tara Magboo, Wendy McAllister, Andrew Meers, Cozette Phillips, Stephanie Polk, Hosanna Rubio, and Lin Stanionis. 

ABOUT THE METAL MUSEUM: The Metal Museum is the only institution in the United States devoted exclusively to the advancement of the art and craft of fine metalwork. This is achieved through exhibitions, collections, conservation, restoration and consulting services, classes, internship opportunities, artists residencies and apprenticeships, research and onsite fabrication of artwork and architectural elements.

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