Ted Faiers: Seasons' Greetings

by - November 13, 2015

Ted Faiers: Seasons' Greetings
Opening Friday, December 4, 6-8pm
David Lusk Gallery
64 Flicker Street
Work on display November 28-December 23

Annually, from 1950 to 1984, Ted Faiers created a holiday woodcut artwork to send to friends, family, and colleagues. DLG brings these thirty-plus works together on the walls of the Memphis Temp space and on the pages of an exhibition book, both titled Seasons' Greetings.
The annual cards, small in scale but all with Faiers's powerful line and playful spirit, are true keepsakes. Many of the images aren't merely holiday-centric but a smaller version of the works coming out of his Memphis studio that year. As his son Greg reflects: "The cards are as diverse in style and substance as his paintings and prints are. Some are whimsical, some are serious, some leave you wondering what to make of them. No matter what they represent, however they are a unique expression of my fathers' Christmas spirit."
Young Bird with Honeysuckle, 1963, woodcut, 9x6"
In the essay written for the book Alice Bingham Gorham states: "Individualy the  cards capture the spirit of the season through his unique sense of design and color and serve as a miniature version of his artistic vision. Together they form a treasured record of who he was and his life experience in Memphis: his self depricatiing humor, his love of family, particularly his daughter Lydia, his delight in nature, especially trees, flowers and birds, his critical eye on the world around him and his innate wisdom."
This group of woodcuts follows his career chronologically: regionalist-inspired landscapes, Indian Space abstracts, simple naturalistic shapes, pop figures, and political imagery. This DLG exhibition is the first time the Faiers holiday woodcuts have been shown in their entirety.

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