Creatives in the City

by - November 21, 2015

Creatives in the City
A conversation on creative entrepreneurship in Memphis
December 2, 5:30-7:30pm
Memphis College of Art
Callicott Auditorium
1930 Poplar Avenue

Memphis is a vast, in many ways untapped market for small business owners, especially in creative fields. Recent years have seen many local artists eagerly entering the marketplace, ready to use their unique skills and brand of creativity to build a business. Moderated by Josh Horton of Hieroglyph and Creative Works, Creatives in the City will assemble a panel of creative professionals who have already navigated the startup process for a discussion on the opportunity that exists locally and the challenges of a creative business. Our speakers will share their personal stories of success and answer questions on the Memphis entreprenurial experience.

Panelists include Joann Self Selvidge of True Story Pictures, Joel Halpern of Loaded For Bear, Nicole Heckman of Little Bird Innovation, and Edward Bogard of SoGiv. 

Held at Memphis College of Art's Calicott Auditorium, the event is free. Reception at 5:30pm with panel discussion at 6pm. Please register at Eventbrite. 

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