Sonny Ortolano: Grass Is Just Fine Over Here

by - October 19, 2015

Sonny Ortolano: Grass Is Just Fine Over Here
featuring DJ T-Swift & Lady LaPanto LIVE
Friday, October 23, 6-10pm
One Night Only
2180 Cowden Avenue

Sonny Ortolano (b. 1985, Gulfport, MS) is a Southern contemporary artist, welder, handyman and tinkerer, living and working on the American Gulf Coast, known for bouncing impatiently from one medium to another, making large mixed media paintings one week, small collages the next, and drawing cartoons throughout. He pulls inspiration from good storms, bad traffic, textures and colors of construction sites, his wife's daydreams, stubborn old conceptual artists, dogs he's trained, Caribbean rum and coconut water, getting it done right the first time, pencil smears, Southern outsider artists, French cartoonists of the 1970s, Copenhagen Long Cut, the absurdity of the Gulf Coast, bad jokes and good stories.

His work can be regularly seen from New Orleans to North Florida and has been shown more recently in New Jersey, New York and Dublin, Ireland, and an episode of Hawaii Five-0 that one time.

*The paintings are all priced low because of all the jobs he does in a given week, this is the only one he can do drunk and tired and without needing a shower afterwards.


*seriously, the affordability of these paintings is impressive! Sonny's works are hilarious and sophisticated at once, please don't miss this amazing opening!!

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