Price is Right: Art Under $1000

by - July 22, 2015

August 6-22, 2015
Opening Friday, August 7, 6-8pm

The annual Price is Right exhibition is finally here at David Lusk in Memphis this August with another great selection of almost 45 artists all showing original works priced under $1000.
The crowd offers a wide range of backgrounds and influences from different parts of Tennessee and across the nation. Sculpture, photography, and paintings on paper and canvas can be expected with a limitless scope of subject matter that is refreshing and creative.

Adrienne Miller . Alan Duckworth . Alex Paulus . Amelia Briggs . Anna Wunderlich . Anne Siems . Bruce Brainard . Claudia Tullos-Leonard . Beth Edwards . Carlyle Wolfe . Daniel Holland . Don Estes . Dwayne Butcher . Greely Myatt . Gregory Allen Smith . Hamlett Dobbins . Jared Small . Jeane Umbreit . Jerry Lynn . Jill Shoffiett . Jim Buchman . Jonathan Edelhuber . Joyce Gingold . Kelly S Williams . Lance Turner . Leslie Holt . Leslie Nichols . Lexie Armstrong . Maysey Craddock . Nancy Cheairs . Peggy Root . Pinkney Herbert . Tad Lauritzen Wright . Taylor Loftin  . Terry Lynn . Thorn Kostura . Tim Crowder . Tyler Hildebrand . Veda Reed . Wayne Edge . Whitney Kerr

Gallery owner David Lusk states, "This annual smorgasbord of great and affordable art is a highlight of the year at DLG for many clients. It’s the chance for our artists to work on less expensive pieces. Plus, it gives the Gallery the opportunity to try out some new artists."
Come on Down!
David Lusk Gallery’s temporary headquarters is located at 64 Flicker Street in Memphis. The Gallery is open Tu-Fr and Sat 11-4. For more information or visuals please contact Brittney Shedden at 901-767-3800 or

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