Five Exhibitions Organized by Rhodes College Students

by - April 12, 2015

The students of Art 260: Gallery Management at Rhodes College have organized five exhibitions which will take place throughout Memphis and at our own Clough-Hanson Gallery during the month of April. They range in focus from Central African displacement to the Mississippi Delta landscape, from media-driven narrative to the intersection of geometry and absurdity. Of special note is the annual Juried Student Exhibition, opening this Friday evening, which will feature the work of students from departments across campus working in a variety of media. Exhibitions are realized with the generous support of the Center for Outreach in the Development of the Arts, the Department of Art and Art History at Rhodes College, and Clough-Hanson Gallery at Rhodes College.

Thursday, April 9
Gil Ngole / Displacement: A Deconstructed Sound Journey
Organized by Amaris Prechtel, Mohib Khan, and Sadie Yanckello
Crosstown Arts Flea Market Parking Lot, 422 N Cleveland St
5:30 - 7:30 pm
This one night only exhibition will take place on a bus and features sculptures and sound art created by MCA graduate student Gil Ngole. He creates his foam and fabric sculptures quickly to mirror the rate that people in his home of the Republic of the Congo must make their bundles when they are forcefully displaced. Their bundles hold the food, clothes, and necessities they will need to survive away from their homes. His sound art focuses on the noises that displaced people in Central Africa hear while they are fleeing from their homes: the sound of falling feet, explosions, and the rattle of food cans. These noises, coupled with the bundles move the viewers from the role of complacent observer and forces them into an empathetic position where they are experiencing forced displacement

Friday, April 10
Juried Student Exhibition, Opening Reception
Organized by the students of Art 260: Gallery Management
Clough-Hanson Gallery at Rhodes College
6 – 8 pm
This annual event celebrates the best student artwork from 2015/2016. The exhibition remains open through April 17.

Saturday, April 11
Video by John Ciccimara
Organized by Taylor Jackson, Lara Johnson, and Bryan Martin
Marshall Arts Gallery, 639 Marshall Ave
6 – 9 pm
In-between working and eating pizza, John Ciccimara has spent the past three years intensively studying film, compiling found footage from his life into short experimental diary films, and writing, shooting, and editing his own screenplays. As the viewer will see from the wide range of work in his show, John has been much better off for it. John's video work and eclectic influences will be used as a nontraditional method to immerse its audience in a totally unique experience that is rarely found in Memphis.

Friday, April 17
Betsy Brakin Burch: Country Road Route
Organized by Grace Porter, Mimi Shepley, and Ashley McDonald
Firehouse No. 6, 652 N. 3rd
6 – 8 pm
Betsy Brackin Burch is a Delta-born artist whose work is deeply tied to the places she’s lived and travelled. From the banks of the Mississippi to the farms, fish frys, and juke joints that run along it, Burch’s landscapes are imbued with the rich culture of the Delta region and the deep history of the South. Burch received her BFA from Memphis College of Art and has shown extensively throughout the Delta region, including at The Rymer Gallery in Nashville, Tennessee, and was a 2013 finalist for the ArtsAccelerator grant distributed by ArtsMemphis.

Saturday, April 18
Five Wits: John Mintz and Grace Porter
Organized by Malerie McDowell, Camille Boudreaux, and Olivia Knauss
Rozelle Warehouse, 822 Rozelle Street
6 – 8 pm
Josh Mintz and Grace Porter explores the effect of bold color through their respective practice. Works in the show correspond with the five wits of common sense, imagination, fantasy, estimation, and memory. The striking vibrancy of Porter’s cut paper creates arrangements that are intuitive, balanced, and daring in size. The vibrancy of Porter’s cut collages respond in an energetic connection with Mintz’s sculptural boxes and graphic drawings. These snapshots into the life of the human unconscious, through monstrous forms, allow the viewer to enter into the realm of the bizarre.

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