14000: Installation by Jill Horne

by - January 20, 2015

Box Gallery presents:
An installation by Jill Horn

By using everyday objects found in a house, I create environments that engage and transport an audience into scenic and ethereal worlds. 

My work is influenced by my background in technical theatre. I create environments that an audience can engage and interact with, similar to the way an actor engages with their set and the props on it. By utilizing every aspect of the material, from color to the sound it produces when wind passes through it, I hope that when a person closes their eyes, they envision themselves in a beautiful natural setting, to be mentally drawn out of the gallery and into a new world. By interacting the environment, they become actors on my stage.

I am influenced by the work of Dale Chihuly. His glass gardens show that an unexpected material can have natural qualities that can draw viewers to new places. When I use coffee filters and, they transform the environments into the same kind of places. A colorful unexpected material that people would never expect can be turned around from it's commercial use to something aesthetically pleasing and transcendent.

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