Lecture: Jeff de Boer

by - October 15, 2013

Lecture by Jeff de Boer
Thursday, October 17, 7pm
Memphis College of Art
Callicott Auditorium
1930 Poplar Avenue

This Thursday, October 17, MCA will present their next Visiting Artist, sculptor Jeff de Boer, in a free lecture at 7pm in the Callicott Auditorium.

Since his graduation from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 1988, de Boer has established an international reputation for creating some of the most unique and highly crafted sculpture in the world. Best known for his museum-quality suits of armor for cats and mice, he has also developed several other themes such as armor ties for executives, an abstract series call Exoforms and space art that includes ray guns, rocket mice and retro rocket lamps. "Some of my other works going back 25 years would even qualify as early Steampunk," says de Boer.

Over the past five years, de Boer has created large-scale public works including iconic sculptures such as a barbed wire bucking bronco, giant wind-up tin toys, sculptures incorporating LED technologies and more.

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