Gonerfest Photofest

by - September 12, 2013

Gonerfest Photofest: A Retrospective of Images from 10 Years of Gonerfest
Friday, September 20, 6-9pm
Crosstown Arts
422 North Cleveland
Show runs until October 6

Beverages will be available. 

Works by Ivy Lovell, Marty Perez, Kandi Cook, Brandi Rinks, Jon Chamberlain, Tommy Kha, Renate Winter, Geoffrey Ellis, Canderson, Tiger Lily, Joshua Miller, Theresa K., Julie Remensperger, Alisa Houseal Botto, Christopher Reyes and BullyRook.

Installation by MX & SMC.

The crows got bigger, more bands from across the globe got booked, it became a three or four night event strung out over several area toilet clubs, and it became an institution of sorts. Who would ever have thunk it: almost a decade of Goner Fests? These pictures reveal what private pleasure looks like when it goes public. - Ross Johnson

Presented by Crosstown Arts and Goner Records.

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