ArtsAccelerator Grant Workshops Now Available

by - September 04, 2013

ArtsMemphis has two remaining grant workshops available!

This grant category is the first in ArtsMemphis' 50-year history to directly support individual, working artists. Click here to receive email updates about the grant.

All eligible artists are invited to submit a letter of intent by Monday, September 30. Grants will be awarded in early November. We strongly encourage you to read the grant FAQs before applying.

If you're interested in applying please come to one of the two remaining grant workshops:

Wednesday, September 4 at 6pm
Information Workshop
Caritas Village, 2509 Harvard

Tuesday, September 17 at 6pm
Information Workshop
Germantown Community Theatre
3037 Forest Hill Irene

Learn how to apply here.

Questions? Contact Lauren Boyer at or 901.578.2787.

For more information about the grants click this link.

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