Philosophical Tangents

by - August 30, 2013

Philosophical Tangents
Work by Jake Gambill
Friday, August 30, 6:30pm
465 South Main, Suite 101

Artist Statement and Bio

I use surface texture and tone to create pseudo-diagrams in order to illustrate philosophical, psychological and ideological arguments and theories. It is often difficult for an individual to verbally explain a personal ideology or mental state. Through visual and tactile representation, it is possible to impart to another individual the internalized narrative or concept.

Jacob Gambill is a thirty-six year old emerging artist from Jonesboro, Arkansas. He took up art at age six, copying Spiderman comics. He has worked as an illustrator for small print and online comic books, as a tattoo artist, a salesman, a custodian and an exterminator. He received his bachelor’s degree in fine art from Arkansas State University in 2009 and is currently a second semester MFA student at Memphis College of Art. He has in-depth philosophical conversations with his ten year old Great Pyrenees, Benchley. He often loses.

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