Cold Storage

by - August 03, 2013

Cold Storage
Work by Suzy Hendrix
Saturday, August 3, 7-9pm
The Wrong Again Gallery, 648 Marshall Avenue

The Wrong Again Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Cold Storage, an exhibition of new mixed media work by Memphis artists, Suzy Hendrix.

Artist statement: The muse of much of my artwork is reliquaries: a veiled skull in Prague, a bone chip of a saint under glass. The reliquary is a relic of the past, which reminds one of the impermanence of all things. Using found objects to cast in glass, aluminum or brass, I make reliquaries. The muse for Cold 
Storage started out as The Wrong Again Gallery's vintage refrigerator. Storing art glass in the fridge is not so far-fetched as one you may think. The interior light illuminates the art from behind, creating a "cool" light box!

Suzy currently lives and works in Memphis, where she is well known for her glass and public works. The opening reception is Saturday, August 3, 7-9pm. For this exhibition we will depart from our usual installation in the gallery and show work in the refrigerator, loaned to the gallery by Julie Wright, as well as the gallery. I guess we will use an ice chest for beer?! And as is our practice we will Skype to Suzy at an as-yet-undecided location. We are free and open to the public.

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