Announcing Art of Science 2013!

by - August 01, 2013

Art of Science 2013

Artists and scientists team up to enlighten the Memphis community.

Art of Science 2013 is proud to pair the finest local artists with research scientists at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital for the third year running. Working together, scientists and artists will create work that introduces new audiences to the principals that are saving children's lives every day at St. Jude. Linking these groups of people both enriches our artistic landscape and inspires people across Memphis to get involved in the fight against deadly childhood diseases. This year's exhibition opens September 27, 2013, with a reception from 6-9pm at the Memphis College of Art Nesin Graduate Center, Hyde Gallery located at 477 South Main Street. The exhibition will run six weeks Wednesday through Saturday, noon to 5pm and by appointment.

The show will feature the work of 27 artists in traditional and interactive media alongside cutting edge scientific imagery. "Last year's opening night attracted more than 2000 viewers," said Dr. Heather Smallwood, PhD, President of Art of Science. "We took this as an indication that the community is interested in the art and in learning more about medical research in Memphis." This year, the Art of Science board of directors aims to inspire even more people.

Researchers at St. Jude not only strive to prevent and cure childhood cancer, but are daily making discoveries that can improve the health and well-being of many Memphians, as well. "Memphis College of Art is delighted to be hosting this year's exhibition, and we know the Memphis community will be out in force to witness these marvelous works," said MCA President Ron Jones. "The work these scientists do at St. Jude is truly an inspiration - what a wondrous and fitting muse for our local artists!" By studying their research, artists create unique portholes that enable viewers to peer inside the laboratories of this renowned facility. Greely Myatt, Carl Moore, Bobby Spillman, Eli Gold, Margret Munz-Loch and dozens of other gifted local artists are lending AOS 2013 their talents.

During the opening reception (Sept. 27), visitors will have an opportunity to meet and talk with all of the scientists and artists whose works are featured. AOS will also provide educational materials to enhance public understanding about the work on display. The exhibition is appropriate for adults and children of all ages. Through this artistic lens people across our community can glimpse and connect with the rarely seen scientific miracles that occur everyday within the walls of St. Jude.

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