Tyler Hildebrand Stole My Lighter

by - July 28, 2013

Tyler Hildebrand Stole My Lighter
Friday, August 9, 6-9pm
Nu Gallery
2577 Broad Avenue

Nu is thrilled to announce Tyler Hildebrand Stole My Lighter: new work by Tyler Hildebrand. Tyler's work is a statement on contemporary American culture. He uses painting, sculpture and film to portray a variety of social issues from corporate greed and addiction to discrimination and all of the dirty things in between. These concepts and characters exist within an imagined reality called "Mohawk Blvd." They characterize the grotesque in our society as they interact with each other in dysfunctional bliss. 

About the artist: Tyler Hildebrand was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, and attended the Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida. Upon earning his BFA in 2007, Tyler returned to Cincinnati and opened Hilde's Gallery, which he operated until 2012. Tyler is currently entering his third semester in the MFA program at the Memphis College of Art. He works in a variety of materials and focuses on film, sculpture and painting.

 Tyler Hildebrand, Fuck It We'll Do This Live, 2013

 Tyler Hildebrand, I Hate That, 2013

 Tyler Hildebrand, My Friends Will Be Here Shortly, 2013

Tyler Hildebrand, Theresa, 2013

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