Abstraction of the Spirit

by - July 31, 2013

Abstraction of the Spirit
Work by Tom Murray
Friday, August 2, 5:30-8pm
Caritas Village, 2509 Harvard Avenue

The colors, forms and shapes that I see around me and the books that I read move me to paint. I stand in front of my canvas and I feel a particular form and color, I take that color and form and apply it to the canvas and like a jazz musician would, I jam from that color and form. Everything then flows from my inner being. My goal is to paint happy and exciting visual images for other people to enjoy.

Tom's paintings are in private collections in Alaska, California, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Tennessee and Washington. He started painting while living in Crystal Springs, Mississippi. Tom is a self-taught artist through extensive reading and observation. He lives in Memphis and paints daily in his studio at Marshall Arts.

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