Unchained: A Chain Letter by Mary Jo Karimnia

by - June 09, 2013

More to come soon regarding the Unchained exhibition happening at Rozelle Warehouse, June 14th. Meanwhile, here's the chain letter that started it all. What an exciting experiment in social engagement!

Like the idea of Unchained? Feel free to find a location (a fancy gallery, your garage, the side of your fridge, a street corner, an empty warehouse, a garden) and set up your own. Copy and alter it to suit your needs:

This is an ART CHAIN LETTER - my own little way of keeping all this fabulous art energy going on in our great city.

This is an invitation from me to you to participate in Unchained, a one-night-only show at (your locale) on (your date and time). The main purpose of this exhibition is to Spread the Love.

If you accept this invitation, please:

1. Contact exhibition coordinator (your name here) at (your email here)
2. Add your name and contact info to the list below (name, email, phone #).
3. Within 24 hours forward this chain letter to another artist, someone whose work you are curious about but someone with whom you have never had coffee.
4. If you are artist number (you decide), we have reached our limit. Please do not forward the chain letter to another artist, instead send it back to (you) to complete the chain.

If you cannot or do not wish to participate please speak up right away so that we can back up and complete the chain. After the chain is complete (you) will send out details about when to install your work.

And your final step in the pre-show process, as part of the social aspect of this exhibition - go ahead and schedule that coffee with the artist that you invite.

And I strongly suggest you don't break the chain - there is no telling what kind of revenge the great Art Muses will take...

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