Readily Available: An Instagram Show

by - June 01, 2013

What: Memphis' first Instagram show, Readily Available

When: Friday, June 7, 6-10 pm

Where: Crosstown Arts Gallery, 430 N Cleveland

Contact: 901.484.4418

In May of last year New York photographer Brian DiFeo curated a show of Instagram images, the first of its kind in the city, collaborating with W Hotels and the Instagram NYC community. In April of this year the media world was abuzz over the New York Times' printing an Instagram photo on its Sunday front page. Apple sponsored iPhone shows and international awards were presented to recognized photojournalists for a Hipstamatic series: the argument is running full speed. How are smart phones and the apps that augment them changing the landscape of photography and the gallery world to boot?

Almost as a backlash against the negative press Memphis experienced over the years, we as a city are now seeing month after month of recognition from these same media organizations for the saturation of creativity this funky DIY town has quietly been offering for years. It is no surprise that we would participate in the Instagram conversation.

On Friday, June 7, Crosstown Arts presents the first Instagram show for Memphis - Readily Available. Three artists were chosen for the show, local stylist and photographer Jenn Brandt, local designer and photographer Stephanie Wexler, and local writer and painter Lesley Young.

Each woman developed her own individual relationship to the filter-app. Brandt needed a creative outlet to fill in the gaps when film became too expensive. She decided to shoot a photograph a day to document what she describes as "one of the most difficult and one of the most magical years" of her life. For years Wexler wanted to document things she found interesting, beautiful or significant, but never had a camera when she needed one. Now, she says, she "has a high quality medium she can carry in her pocket, and can instantaneously share her experiences with others." Young found herself in a new city on an artists's retreat with only one agenda of shooting a photograph everyday. When she was unable to find the correct film, she decided to try Instagram, and soon after was "taking long, exploratory walks with her dog with a ravenous appetite for what she saw." 

Each woman will display 50-plus small printed images from her Instagram file in various formats as well as stacks of printed images for viewers to peruse and purchase.

The show is located at Crosstown Arts Gallery, 430 N Cleveland and is one night only from 6 to 10 pm.

For more information, call 901.484.4418.

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