Pyramid Scheme at Gallery 363

by - June 23, 2013

Greely Myatt Masterminds Pyramid Scheme at Gallery 363
Friday, June 28, 6-8:30pm during Trolley Night
Gallery 363, 363 South Main

Michel Allen, curator for Gallery 363, tapped Greely Myatt to organize a show and Myatt created a scheme for a curation pyramid. Simply put, Myatt invited three artists who were asked to - in turn - invite two artists each who would then invite one artist each. With no single curator, the organic route to curation brought together a diverse array of talent and styles including: Yvonne Bobo, Melissa Dunn, Greely Myatt, Michael Bogle, Andra Moore Eggleston, Joel Parsons, Jenn Brandt, William Eggleston, Jonathan Payne, Stephanie Cosby, Tylur French, Terri Phillips, Hamlett Dobbins, Fletcher Golden, Amanda Sparks and Matt Ducklo.

Said Myatt, "When asked to 'curate' an exhibition for Gallery 363, I thought of several things. Mainly, I thought I didn't want to curate an exhibition. I didn't want to accept the responsibility of what that meant. I also didn't want to limit it to my subjective choices, which would be inevitable in the act of curating or choosing. So, I devised a scheme, a pyramid scheme, which would coincidentally connect it to Memphis. I decided to 'co-curate' an exhibition for Gallery 363. I would ask three artists to ask two artists to ask one artist. The individuals I asked are artists whom I have great respect for their work and for their integrity as artists. I was conscious of asking individuals who moved in somewhat different circles, as much as that is possible in a Southern city. I asked them to select with the same criteria in mind."

Viewings of Myatt's Pyramid Scheme after the opening are by appointment 901 452 8033. Leadership Memphis Gallery 363 is managed by Allen Hall Projects.

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