Material Anthology

by - June 26, 2013

Material Anthology
Opening reception: Friday, July 12, 6-9pm
On view through August 11
Crosstown Arts, 422 N Cleveland, Memphis

Material was founded by Hamlett Dobbins and Julie Meiman in late 2004. A 19' x 16' exhibition space set in the storefront on Broad Avenue in the Binghampton neighborhood of Memphis, Material takes its name from Montessori learning tools. The space was built to provide emerging and established artists with an intimate, clean space in which to share their work with Memphis' growing arts community. The programming consists of monthly or nightly shows as well as artists' lectures in connection with local colleges and universities. Material has served as a space for young artists to have their first shows, as well as a place for established local and regional artists to test new ideas in a public forum. In addition to serving local artists, Material has hosted artists from Birmingham to Tokyo.

This exhibition celebrates and commemorates Material Art Space's inspiring and longstanding impact on the Memphis art community and its unprecedented run as an alternative space. In May of 2013, Material celebrated its 100th exhibition and in August it will host its final show as Hamlett Dobbins leaves for an eleven-month stay at the American Academy in Rome. The exhibition at Crosstown Arts will feature work by over 50 artists who exhibited at Material from 2004 to 2013.

Among the many artists who will contribute to the exhibition are Greely Myatt, Mark Nowell, Melissa Dunn, Mel Spillman, Bobby Spillman, Rebecca Robert, Elizabeth Alley, Clayton Colvin, Kathleen Perniciaro, Douglas Degges, Dwayne Butcher, Tad Lauritzen Wright, Adam Farmer, Susan Maakestad, Jonathan Auger, James Inscho, Clare Torina, Jamie Harmon, Holly Cole, Pete Schulte, Georgia Creson, Alex Harrison, Jordan Martins, Maggie Kleinpeter, Jeana Baungardner, Joel Parsons, Mary Jo Karimnia and Joshua Huyser.

Contact: Hamlett Dobbins or Emily Harris Halpern

Jamie Harmon and installation view of Obsessed Life Camera at Material, Spring 2013

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