by - June 16, 2013

Artists from the metropolitan area of Memphis, Tennessee, have joined together to form an organization called BluesWax to foster and promote visual art incorporating encaustic painting. BluesWax's mission is to give visual artists an opportunity to exchange ideas, participate in group exhibits and benefit from monthly education programs. BluesWax aims to provide an interactive community for both established and emerging artists and art patrons with an emphasis on education, group creative sessions and peer critiques.

BluesWax meets monthly on the second Sunday of every month. Workshops led by both nationally recognized as well as local artists involving encaustic painting will be held periodically. The focus will be on painting with various techniques that include encaustic and other media. Currently, our group includes artists utilizing oil, watercolor, acrylic, collage, photography, and cold wax; all have a common  interest in incorporating encaustic in their works. Several of our members regularly attend national and international encaustic meetings and bring the cumulative expertise of those sessions to our group.

We have scheduled an encaustic workshop with Lisa Pressman, a nationally recognized artist and teacher, to be held September 28 and 29, for beginner and intermediate level painters. The public is welcome to register.

BluesWax will involve community activities and specialized sessions that will be open to the public as well as activities for its members. In the last year our membership has doubled.

Charter members include Judith Barrie, Virginia Schoenster, Norman Soskel, Veronica Tronolone and Mary K. VanGieson. For information regarding our group and workshops, please contact Norman Soskel at 901 230 8083 or See also for a brochure.

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