Adam Higgins: Cloud Castle

by - June 17, 2013

Material is excited to announce its one hundred-third exhibition, Adam Higgins: Cloud Castle

Cloud Castle will run for one night only on Friday, June 21st from 6-8pm.

Material is located at 2553 Broad Avenue.

Adam Higgins lives and works in Memphis, Tennessee. He earned his BFA in 2012 from Memphis College of Art.

About the show the artist writes: "As a child, I often daydreamed about titanic gods building shelters in the clouds. I liked the idea of a celestial landscape parallel to my familiar one; of losing physical presence by projecting the mind into a space that hovers just above chaos. Remaining tied to the absurdity and usefulness of this narrative, my paintings deal with charging the mind to negate the burdens of physical form through metaphysical escapism, and the mental prisons that can result. I am interested in the moments of hum that occur when time becomes inelastic and matter becomes a vacuum. Consciousness becomes trapped in static nonsense."

Material is located at 2553 Broad Avenue. Parking is available on both the north and south sides of Broad Avenue.

About Material: Founded by Hamlett Dobbins and Julie Meiman in 2004, Material is a 19'x16' exhibition space set in the storefront on Broad Avenue in the Binghampton neighborhood of Memphis. Taking the name from Montessori learning tools, Material was built to provide emerging and  established artists with an intimate, clean space in which to share their work with Memphis' growing arts community. The programming consists of monthly shows as well as artists' lectures in connection with local colleges and universities. Material has served as a space for young artists to have their first shows as well as a place for established local and regional artists to test new ideas in a public forum. In addition to serving local artists, Material has hosted artists from Birmingham to Tokyo. Come visit.

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