Demelza: new work by Howard Paine

by - May 27, 2013

Icarus #2

Demelza: new work by Howard Paine.

Opening reception: Friday, May 31, 6-9pm at Nu Gallery, 2577 Broad Avenue

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Howard's recent body of work called Demelza is a combination of digital and traditional printmaking techniques. Here's what he has to say about the upcoming show and his exciting move to Hattiesburg:

"The show is a combination of reduction woodcuts and large format digital prints. Thematically, the works are meditations on mortality and death. Life span is finite, and I am interested in the shell, what remains after death both physically and as a source for memory. The physical body is a part of a process or a cycle, not only in a spiritual sense, but in a biological sense as well. I am using the botanical and insect forms as source images for the works, they speak about the passing of life to death and what remains. Many of the source photographs are shadows of the objects which functions as a further layer of separation from the original form to the viewer, reinforcing the ideas of memory and loss. These dead things were still beautiful, powerful forms, and as I have collected them over many years I have developed a kind of relationship with them. I observe changes in these forms over a period of months and years, drawing and photographing them again and again, watching them change, decay and transform.

This exhibition will be my farewell to Memphis after 15 years in this great city. I leave in July for Hattiesburg, Mississippi, where I will be the new Chair of the Department of Art and Design at the University of Southern Mississippi. It is an exciting opportunity and time for me, but I will certainly miss this city that I have called home for many years."

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