Bikesploitation's Bike Art Gallery

by - May 21, 2013

"As a bicycle-lover and artist myself, I’ve been making and collaborating on tricked out bikes for sometime now. As the bicycle has risen in popularity, so have the numbers of people expressing their love the bike through custom creations, original bikes designs, polo wheel covers, bike sculptures, t-shirts, and more. It seemed only natural to celebrate this fusion of bicycles and art!"
- Christopher Reyes, Co-Founder, Bikesploitation
This year, Bikesploitation has expanded to include the Bike Art Gallery - A collection of bicycle inspired posters, photography, sculpture, and other art installation pieces.  The Bike Art Gallery opening is Friday, May 24th at 5pm (it will also be open Saturday and Sunday Noon-5).
Hand printed poster designed and printed by local artist. Artists include:
Michael Andrews (Five In One), Josh Breeden (Erf), Anthoney Carter (Harvest), Jay Crum (TaroPop), Derrick Dent, Maggie Exner, Michael Hildebrand (Harvest), Lauren Rae Holtermann (Erf), Chuck Howard (Erf), Ronnie Lewis (Erf), Kong Wee Pang (TaroPop), Christopher Reyes, and Daniel Wildberger.
Wheel Cover Art by Christopher Reyes, Lauren Rae Holterman, Ronie Lewis, and Josh Breeden
"Bike Portraits" Photography exhibit by Nathan Berry
Performance Sculpture by Yvonne Bobo and Eli Gold.
Light and Sound Sculpture - “Spinners” by Christopher Reyes and Sarah Fleming
Animated Art Activities utilizing bicycle parts and video by Sallie Sabbatini
Paint Me Bike Car Audience Participation.
Custom Bikes by Sarah Fleming, Christopher Reyes, the Metal Museum, and Revolutions Bicycle co-op.

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