Onyx Ashanti at Five and One

by - February 15, 2013

Five in One Social Club have partnered with Event One Media to host a tech-talk and performance by electronic jazz musician and inventor Onyx Ashanti this Friday, February 15, at 423 N. Watkins.

Ashanti’s one-of-a-kind musical controllers, which include a helmet, hand and breath controlled devices, are the result of 20 years of conceptualization and invention and help him create incredibly original electronic music with motion and breath.  You can check out his TED talk here!
Peter Kirm, of CreateDigitalMusic.com, writes, “Onyx Ashanti is insane!...having crossed from the US to Berlin, he’s a rare virtuoso of wind instruments and electronic improvisation, the kind of musically-free soul who can just let loose live. But his latest project really crosses into some new territory.”
Five in One has invited P.2.C.2.E., the video installation artists who set up a piece at MemFeast III to collaborate on the visual environment for Ashanti's event. Music before and after his talk and performance will be provided by Ben Jenkins and Grunt's Gelatinous Cube.
The lecture-demonstration and performance will be at 7pm at Five in One - 423 North Watkins - Friday, February 15, 2013. Learn more and purchase tickets by clicking here.

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