BOTTOM FEEDER Art Auction - Saturday 5-9pm

by - February 01, 2013

“Fish die belly upward, and rise to the surface. It's their way of falling.” - André Gide

Bottom Feeders is the best art fundraiser, remarkable considering the competition. Sure, artists take a chance by setting their own minimums, but this ensures no dramas over alleged masterpieces snatched by low-ball bids. Plus, 100% of the proceeds go to the artists, which seems almost criminal for what is truly just a serious hobby. Allie Cat Arts has generously and courageously opened its doors for this one-time stunt.

Bottom Feeders is sympathetic to entities relying upon artists’ donations to garner funds, when other entrepreneurs would be hard-pressed to shoulder the shear magnitude of events throughout the year. Everyone knows that art making is a speculative enterprise anyway, so fundraisers offer the artists that much-ballyhooed “exposure.” Heck, desperate artists feel snubbed if they don’t get invited to garnish a duplicate for one of the highfalutin soirées. Other artists are happy just to get a free meal or a couple of drink tickets—I certainly am.

The truth is, art auctions are beneficial for all parties involved. Who wants to seem like the stingy artiste smugly guarding the value of his wares against the ghettoizing of art in a struggling market? (Just enjoy the party, have a couple drinks, and don’t forget to wear the name tag). It’s for a good cause and one may completely write-off the costs of materials as a charitable donation (I’m a found object artist, so that’s about a buck-fifty, but every little bit helps).

The art objects swim on the lower four feet of gallery walls to acknowledge their relative value in the economic food chain. Happy angling.

Velluto Marcely, curator
Allie Cat Arts
961 S. Cooper, Memphis, TN 38104

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