Friday Art Links

by - December 07, 2012

Hey Look, Everyone! These links are actually posted on a Friday. This will be a Art Basel Miami Beach Heavy post. Lots of cool images from people that are there. It does seem I am one of the few important artists in the world that is not in Miami. I think I will surprise the Georgia and take a quick weekend trip down there.

I am a nerd about a great many things. Celtic music is one of them. Here is a link to a Celtic Music Christmas Podcasts. Plenty to get you in the holiday spirit.

Here is some more nerd stuff for you. Lord of the Rings nerd stuff. Peter Jackson on Colbert Report. Here is a link to the video. 

Here is some Juicy J stuff to nerd out on. It is a game that takes place in a strip club, you throw money at the strippers while Bandz A Make Her Dance plays. Awesome. Click here to make it rain. 

Here is a video with all the space helmets in every movie ever. 

Here is a photo gallery of the 15 Sexiest Book Covers of All Time. Click here for the images. 

Her are 43 People you won't believe actually exist. Click here for the craziness.  How did that guy get on that McDonald's sign?

Hells Angels photos from 1965. Most of these guys look like my family.

This is one of the greatest things I have ever seen. 19 cats that re-create famous paintings. Click here for the images. Awesome!

I knew some of the cartoon characters were high on the dope. Here is the proof. 

Asger Carlsen Surreal Nude Photographs are interesting. I think I just got an idea for a new series of work. Click here for the photos. 

William Powhida's "Why You Shouldn't Buy Art" at Seven Miami. 

Rob Pruitt at de la Cruz in Miami.  I heart Panda bears. 

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