Southfork's First Exhibition and Lecture

by - November 26, 2012

Lecture TUESDAY and the Opening in WEDNESDAY

Tuesday, November 27 at 7 pm at Crosstown Arts - 427 N. Watkins - on Artist Run Spaces, led by Bruce Lee Webb (Webb Gallery), Hamlett Dobbins (Material) and Joel Parsons (Beige).

Wednesday, November 28 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm - 216 N. Willett St. #4 - with Rain Falls and River Flows, an exhibition featuring the work of Bruce Lee Webb, Hawkins Bolden and Ike Morgan

Rain Falls and River Flows

Bruce Lee Webb (b. 1965), from Waxahachie, Texas, is the only child of an only child whose grandparents were missionaries and mother was born in the mountains of Kerala, South India. Webb was raised surrounded by woodcarvings, old books and art compiled from his family's travels and life abroad, leading him to become "a collector of everything, especially hand made items". Growing up as a skateboarder and punk rocker in suburban Richardson, Texas, Webb made his own hand painted t shirts. After meeting his lovely wife Julie in 1983 - the Webbs began producing a music fanzine called Bad Karma for which they both made art and contributed written content, documenting the punk music scene in Dallas. They later moved to Waxahachie in 1987 and opened a vintage clothes/antique shop. In the early 1990's, the Webbs began to travel to flea markets around the country and these road trips became the conduit to meet and collect art by Self Taught artists in the Deep South. Bruce Lee Webb states that "I love the art of hobos and tramps on buildings, barns and railroad cars and this work continues to motivate and influence my art and life."  

Hawkins Bolden (b. 1914 - d. 2005), a Memphis artist, was left blind at the age of 8 due to a serious head trauma. Bolden, neverthless, showed incredible resourcefulness and creativity, and would gather a variety of discarded objects such as hubcaps, tires, and pinwheels to assemble scarecrows, guardian figures, and abstract assemblages to protect his own backyard. He would use these various objects as flaps to serve as tongues and puncture holes in the pieces to serve as eyes. Bolden claimed to create these figures simply to “keep away the birds”.

Ike E. Morgan (b. early 1960s) suffers from chronic schizophrenia and has lived in a Texas state hospital from the time he was 17 until very recently, now living on his own in his early 50's. Having spent much of his adult life in a state hospital, Morgan's taste in music, language and imagery reflects the 1970's in which he grew up. Painting everyday, Morgan will line up two or three pieces at a time and begin layering and layering paint. He began by painting the very familiar portrait of President George Washington found on one dollar bills. Morgan later branched out to include other presidents and, perhaps most notably, the Mona Lisa in his practice, all images that he found in traveling books available at the hospital.

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