Friday Art Links

by - November 02, 2012

This is a Sandy heavy selection of links this week. The images are just so fascinating and terrible. Also, a lot of art was ruined, digital art lost forever. Tragic on so many levels. The marathon may be an important civic event, but do they have to have it this weekend? There is still so much devastation. 

Anyways, here are the links. It is the first Friday of the month. So, every gallery has an opening. Try to visit as much as you can. Visit the other previous posts on ths blog to see all the info about the art openings. 

Chelsea Galleries Begin Recovery Work.

Jerry Saltz's Devastating Visit to Chelsea Galleries. 

Insane Staten Island Transit images. 

The 86th Street R Station underwater. 

Video of a man jogging during Sandy shirtless, wearing a horse head. I don't know what is going on, but I count me in.

Footage of the 1938 New England Hurricane. Damn.

Restore the Shore. 

Who did take the first image of the first camera? The second camera?

Cindy Sherman: Interview with a Chameleon. We have been talking a lot about her work in my classes lately. My friends and I have been talking about her work. And her work was talked about last night at the Edward Shanken lecture at the University of Memphis. 

My name is Dan Flavin. I am thirty-two years old, overweight and underprivileged, a Caucasian in a Negro year. This is a hell of a way to begin an essay. 

Danh Ho wins the Hugo Boss Prize. I will win this soon enough.

The Cold War used to be so much fun. What happened? Here is Bush I and Gorbachev laughing it up recently in Houston. 

Hey you painting nerds! Here is a Tyler Green Modern Art Note's Podcast with Jonathan Lasker and Shirley Kaneda.

What is up with this face, George Lucas?

Last week I linked a Bob Ross quote generator. This week I have Emergency Compliments for you. Enjoy.

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