Friday Art Links on a Monday

by - November 19, 2012

I did not get around to posting these Friday. I was busy installing on of the better shows I have put together. And if I may say so, that is saying something. Anyway, here are the links. Some good ones this week artbutcher readers. Thanks for the heads for some of these. Keep it coming and I will see you out and about.

Don't eat or drink too much Thursday.

Adrian Duran wrote a great piece on the New Southern Vernacular, the Yankee Version. He, of course, talks about my work. Click here to read the article over at Big, Red, and Shiny. 

Charles Ray made three sculptures and they are at Matthew Marks. Click here to check them out. 

The Dust Bowl film on PBS is the most depressing thing I have ever seen. I had to watch the Schindler's List afterwards to cheer me back up. Here is an interview with the filmmaker, Ken Burns. 

I am surprised I do not post more links about bacon. Here is one to remedy that. A scarf that looks like bacon. 

Crystal Bridges gets over 600k visitors in its first year. They can do better than that. I need to make a trip Arkansas soon. Click here to read the story.

Ultimate Trampoline Dodgeball is amazing. I am doing this as soon as possible.

The Memphis Grizzlies are number ONE in this weeks ESPN Power Rankings. I would gay marry Tony Allen.

I stood in line for two hours last week to get a chance to be a part of a very special club. The Boscos Mug Club. I am now cool.

For my next Memphis Flyer article, I am writing about Margaret Munz-Losch at LRoss Gallery. Go check out the work before you are able to read my inspiring review. 

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