Niki Johnson at the Wrong Again Gallery - Saturday

by - October 09, 2012

THE WRONG AGAIN GALLERY TO OPEN Behind Closed Doors Saturday, October 13.
The Wrong Again Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of the third show of the second season with an installation by Niki Johnson. Behind Closed Doors: An Evening of Rockwellian Taboo continues her work with collector plates where she selectively removes parts of the imagery. She states:
Behind Closed Doors: An Evening of Rockwellian Taboo

In this series of altered plates I have refocused the gaze within each scene through the act of erasure. This physically problematizes the original image, which in turn allows for a revisiting of the remaining details. I see the silhouettes as portals through which the audience can place themselves within Rockwell’s narrative; a space that once entered becomes emotionally complicated and oddly unsettling. 

Ms. Johnson currently lives and works in Milwaukee where she maintains a personal studio and serves as Adjunct Professor at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. She recently received her MFA from The University of Wisconsin, Madison. 
The opening reception is Saturday, October 13, 7-9 pm. In our tradition we will skype Ms. Johnson from somewhere – maybe Milwaukee, maybe Memphis, maybe somewhere in between – which of course is the wrong place to be!!.  IN BETWEEN, I mean, but The Wrong Again Gallery’s reception for Niki Johnson will be the right place to be. After all it is free and open to the public. The Wrong Again Gallery’s address is 648 (W) Marshall Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 38103. 

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