Friday Art Links

by - October 26, 2012

Here it is again. Another edition of the Friday Art Links. A little something for everyone, maybe, just like this weekend's River Arts Fest. Click here to read my article in the Memphis Flyer on why I do not like these types of festivals. 

As always, some of these have to do with art, some do not. Be sure to send me anything you think is interesting you want me to post. You have done well thus far. Keep it up VisualMemphis Readers.

The demolition of Penn Station started the historical preservation movement across the country. Click here to see some great photos of buildings being destroyed. 

Last week, I included a list of the Top 100 People in the Art World. Here is a list of the bottom twenty. Pretty funny. Number 18 is great. 

Here is Jerry Saltz's review of Wade Guyton at the Whitney. (Jerry Saltz "liked" one of my facebook posts this week. We are cool like that.) Click here for the article and be sure to read the comments. People be hating on Guyton.

Resale royalties for artists are under consideration in Congress. Yes, this will be a great thing. Inflate my prices, YO! Click here for the article. 

10 bizarre musician alter egos. What's up Joni Mitchell? Click here for the article. 

Pumpkins are not just for decoration. They are quite tasty as well. Click here for some recipe ideas. 

A Bob Ross Quote Generator. Click here for the awesomness. I love the internet.

Is it time to challenge the art elite? Or are we just jealous. Click here for the article. 

Ai Weiwei does Gangnam Style Yep. The internet is a great place. Click here for the video. 

Dave Hickey is retiring, sort of. Too bad. He is my hero. Click here for the interview. 

What do you mean lap dances aren't art? Bootleg.

Sarah Thornton is quitting the Art Market beat. Too bad. But an interesting article. 

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