Friday Art Links

by - October 19, 2012

Last week, I did not post my Friday Art Links. I was in Florida celebrating my sixth wedding anniversary. I drink a lot of Bloody Mary's. Pickled okra is my new favorite obsession. I have something like 20 obsessions. It is getting out of hand. Anyway, here are this weeks links. Most art related, some not so much, some may offend you, some offend me. I am not offended by anything really.

How to be a Lady Painter. That is the question on everyones mind. Especially in this anti-woman political environment. Click here for the article.

Speaking of putting women in their place. NOT. Here is an article about 10 Female Electronic Music Pioneers You SHould Know. 

Halloween is coming up soon. Instead of a pregnant nun, a slutty librarian, a scarecrow or race car driver, click here to see the best costume ever. Remember the reworked Jesus fresco. Oh yeah.

Speaking of Halloween costumes. Here are some for you expecting mothers. 

I make list all the time. So does Elizabeth Alley. But this is one of the strangest lists ever. The 100 Most Powerful People in the Art World.  I am interested in the inclusion of Zizek and Pussy Riot.

We have been talking about Earthworks in my Art History classes this week. Doug Aitken's name did not come up. Perhaps it should have. Click here to read about his latest project, ALTERED EARTH. 

This is a great article. I have railed against Art Show Entry Fees forever. I stopped applying to things with entry fees, residencies excluded. I tell all my students to NOT apply to shows, submit to exhibitions that require an entry fee. Daniel Grant makes some excellent points in this article. Rise Up artists.

Cyclocross is another new obsession of mine. I just bought a bike so I could do this. Bikes and beers, what is not to like?

A Johnny Cash Museum in Nashville? Bullshit. Put it in Memphis.

Indie Memphis Film Festival is coming soon. Here is John Beifuss' article about it in the COmmercial Appeal. 

Until next week art people. As always, if you have a link please send it my way or include it in the comments.

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